Pico - our two-seater ultralight glider


2001 we started, against the background of our 20-year experience in hang glider construction, with the development of a two-place trike wing. We wanted to build an UL-wing, which, with it’s flight characteristics, performance and construction, would place in the top class and would set new standards in a various details.


The construction was intentionally oriented on the best UL-wings, in consideration of our proven innovations from our hang glider developments. The Pico too has the patented speed-valves; those are slot-windows at the outside end of the under-sail, which lead to better tracking and performance in high-speed flight. The wing tips are equipped with end-caps, to insure optimal separation flow of the tip-rotor and to give optical appeal to the wing. The sail is cut of the best, UV-protected fabrics and stitched with UV-protected yarns.


The wing was tested to the maximum start weight of 450 kg and inspected and approved by the DULV. Only aluminium tubes of aviation quality 7075 and 2017 are used. The control frame sides and the kingpost are alu. profiles. The sail battens safeties are the Bautek alu. batten-clips. The cables and connections are, stainless steel; high strength bolts are fire-galvanized.


In tuning and wing size our goal was a wide speed range, but especially a low minimum speed, to facilitate training and UL-towing operations. The absolute true tracking wing is easy to handle, has neutral turning characteristics and a well balanced and safe flying behavior.




Technical specifications:



Sail area:




Swivel tips: 

Wing weight:

Nose angle: 

Double surface: 

Down-tubes and kingpost: 

Maximum load: 

Leading edge: 

Upper sail: 

Lower sail: 


Performance Data:

Stall speed: 

V min: 

V max=ne: 

Travel speed: 


Min sink: 



159 sft.

33 ft.

top 22 + nose batten; bottom 8 + 2 folding tip battens

3 each side

1 each side

108 Lbs.

132 degr.

77 %


990 Lbs



Dacron 180 g

with UV-Protection


ca 27 mph

ca. 29 mph

ca. 87 mph

50 -75 mph


394 ft/min; (2.0 m/sec)