Pico S - our fastest when travelling   in twos


With the Pico S (S for speed), we responded to the need expressed by many pilots for a smaller wing for fast-travel UL flying. The wing had to achieve the required minimum speed of 65 km/h (40 mph) with a take-off weight of 450 kg (992 lbs) and should be able to fly economically at a high traveling speed.


The construction of the Pico S is based upon the time-proven Pico. It has the same frame structure, but the wing area is reduced by 2 sqm (21.5 sqft). The sail is smaller in span and has a smaller chord in the wing center. During the flight tests it was shown that the Pico S was, for a given rpm, 20 km/h (12.4 mph) faster in level flight. Minimum speed with two persons is ca. 57 km/h (35 mph). The small wing has excellent aerodynamic properties, low bar pressure and a light but predictable handling up to the maximum speed of 160 km/h (99 mph), giving the pilot reassuring control even in turbulent conditions. The wing is 2 kgs (4.4 lbs) lighter than the bigger Pico. The number of battens has been reduced by two.


The decision for a certain ultralight wing does not depend on flight performance and handling alone. The quality of manufacturing and service are equally important factors. In the course of over 30 years, “bautek service” has become a legend. All spare parts are permanently in stock and can be shipped on the same day. Repairs are carried out swiftly and economically in our factory in Kenn. Our sailmakers are capable of performing even complicated sail repairs.




Technical Specifications

Bautek model: 


Wing area: 


Upper battens: 

Lower battens: 


Swivel tips:


Nose angle: 

Double surface: 

Downtubes and kingpost:

Maximum load: 

Leading edge material: 

Upper sail material: 

Double sail: 


Performance Data

Minimum speed: 

Stall speed:

Maximum speed: 

Traveling speed: 


Minimum sink rate: 

Pico S


131 sqft

31.2 ft

20 + central batten

8 + 2 tensioning battens

3 each side

1 each side

103.6 lb

132 deg



992 lbs


NCV-Grille with UV protection

Dacron 180 gr

with UV protection


ca. 35-36 mph

ca. 34 mph

ca. 99 mph

62-80 mph


393 ft/min