Pico L - the perfect wing for           solo-trikes


The 2007 created UL-class 120kg (165 Lbs), (trike + wing + safety system), opened for many pilots, who want to fly without a lot of preparation, logistics and expense, an entry into motorized flight. The license requires no medical examination and no minimum airtime anymore. The aircraft must still be class-inspected, but a class-license is not required anymore.


To stay within the weight limits an efficient, maximal 40 kg (88 Lbs) heavy UL-wing was needed, with a wide attainable flying speed range, easy handling and which guarantied absolute safe flying characteristics.

For the Pico L (L=leicht/light) we installed the successful sail of the Pico S on a newly designed, lighter frame and had instant success. Testpilots were delighted!


The wing weighs 39 kg (86 Lbs) and is certified for a launch weight of 238 kg (525 Lbs).


The Pico L offers performance, which years ago no two-place trike with strong engines could realize. The wing flies with the Bautek-Skycruiser-Trike over 130 km/h (80 mph) top speed, travel speed is 90 km/h (56 mph), min. sink is 1,6 m/sec (315 ft/min), max. climb is 3-4 m/sec (600-800 ft/min), landing speed is under 45 km/h (28 mph), fuel consumption 3,5 l/std. (0.925 gal/hr). The wing is used also on other trikes and sets the standard in the 120 kg class.





Technical specifications:

Bautek model: 


Sail area: 




Swivel tips: 

Wing weight: 

Nose angle: 

Double surface: 

Down-tubes and kingpost: 

Maximum load: 

Leading edge: 

Upper sail: 

Lower sail: 


Performance Data:

Stall speed: 

V min: 

V max horizontal: 

Travel speed: 


Minimum sink: 


Pico L


131 sft

32 ft

top 20 + nose batten; bottom 8 + 2 folding tip battens

3 each side

1 each side

86 Lbs

132 degr. 

85 %


525 lbs



Dacron 180 g

with UV-Protection


28 mph

ca. 28 – 31 mph

ca. 75 mph

50 – 62 mph

315 ft/min; (1,6 m/sec)