Astir... always a nose length ahead

The Astir is our bowsprit glider for performance-oriented hobby pilots seeking an extremely high safety level, excellent sink rate, very light handling and a compact breakdown length. Some of our customers experienced the additional safety of the bowsprit in a crash landing and do not want to miss this feature any more.

The concept of the Astir is largely based upon our renowned Zephir CX. The upper sail battens are fitted with clips engaging with the border of the trailing edge. Close to the nose plate, the leading edge has two zippers which prevent creasing the Mylar leading edge when the gilder is folded up; this is a feature of all our gliders. The lower part of the kingpost with the hangpoint is covered with a neoprene sleeve. Compared to the Zephir CX, the cable junctions are situated somewhat higher which facilitates setting up and folding the glider. The telescoped leading edge tubes have sturdy arresters.

The Astir combines highest manufacturing quality and an excellent safety concept to provide a maximum of flying pleasure. It has a DHV rating of 2 (intermediate).

The Safety Concept

The bowsprit protects the pilot in the event of a crash landing. Due to the flatter angle of impact, the pilot simply swings forward rather than hitting the ground. Like the crush zone of a car, the boesprit dampens the impact and protects the pilot against injuries. The double nose wires provide additional safety; this is also true in the event of a tree landing, where every cable is helpful.


The Astir is set up and folded quickly and without effort. Details like well-positioned zippers and knee-hinged tensioning battens facilitate the process. Transport and storage present no problem as the Astir has a short-pack length of 3.00 m (9.8 ft); it therefore fits inside most station wagons.


The relatively narrow A-frame and the neutral static balance make for a safe and easy take-off. As the sidewires are tight, control on the ground is perfect. Few steps are sufficient to get airborne. Let the fun begin!


Staying on top of the gaggle – not a problem with the Astir. The wing has an efficient high-lift soaring airfoil. The unsurpassed light handling of the bowsprit glider enables you to climb in the weakest thermals. The best “floating crossbar” is the one that doesn’t exist...


Landing is just as easy as launching. Turn into final, let the speed bleed away, flare – a soft and predicable stall will follow. Corrections during final glide and crosswind landings don’t pose any problems.

Frame and Cables

Leading edge and keel tubes are made of seamless aluminum tubes (AlZnCu 1,5; 7075 F51). The uprights and the kingpost are made of extruded aluminum (AlMgSi 0,5, F25). All cables consist of V2A steel; they are partly plastic covered. All screws, nuts and fittings are also made of V2A.

The Sail

At the leading edge and trailing edge, the sail is made of Apen Smoke. The central part of the main sail is white polyester sailcloth. This combination of sail materials leads to a reduction in weight of approx. 1 kg, compared to the conventional woven sail  For the undersurface (Dacron), colors can be chosen at no additional costs. As an option, we offer a main sail with the even lighter, yet very strong transparent aramid sailcloth.

Standard Equipment; Options

The batten bag has separate compartments which help assorting the battens. The pack bag is equipped with zippers for long and short packing. Several paddings protect the sail from damage during transport.

The Astir can be ordered with CNC-milled corner brackets and a profiled aluminum control bar. Split wheels can be mounted to this control bar via fitting wheel hubs.

Quality Control

Each hangglider passes many production steps and is finally controlled, test flown and approved for sale. Our quality management system guarantees for maximum safety: All parts are checked and marked by at least two members of staff before being built into a glider.


Spare part orders are carried out within 48 hours. All repairs, including sail repairs, are performed professionally and economically in our factory in Kenn / Trier (Germany).

Technical Specifications

  • Bautek model: ASTIR
  • HG class: DHV 2 (intermediate)
  • Sail area: 158 sqft.
  • Span: 34.6 ft
  • Nose angle: 130 degr.
  • Aspect ratio: 7.6
  • Double surface: 85 %
  • Length packed: long 20.2 ft; short 15.4 ft; extra short 9.8 ft
  • Battens: 20 top; 6 bottom
  • Stall speed: ca. 15.5 mph
  • V ne (speed never to exceed): 50 mph
  • V min sink: ca 19 mph
  • V best glide: ca 23 mph
  • Pilot weight: min 132 Lbs; max 253 Lbs
  • Hook‐in weight: min 132 Lbs; max 260 Lbs
  • Glider weight: 64 Lbs, without cover.

Price: 4.680,- € incl. 19% VAT

Extra options:

Main sail ODL Technora transparent + 470,- €
Bottom sail ODL Technora transparent + 390,- €
Profiled aluminum control bar with CNC corner brackets + 477,- €
Black tubes (keel, kingpost and trapeze) + 178,50 € 

(all prices incl. 19 % VAT)


Pilot Opinions:

Reidar Berntsen schreibt uns über Facebook (21.Oct.2017): 

"The most fun flying machine on the planet. The Bautek Astir."


Bo Frazier gives feedback (13.Oct.2015):


 I wanted to report my experiences in flying the Astir I purchased this summer.  I have had four mountain flights on the glider with each being for two hours or more.  The glider is a joy to fly.  I have been flying hang gliders for 35 years and have never flown a glider that handles as superbly as the Astir.  It truly is an effortless glider to fly.  I am able to stay up and climb in the lightest of lift and tiniest of thermals even though I am in the upper weight range for the glider with a body weight of 225 pounds.  The glider will almost thermal itself with just occasional inputs from me.  It's speed and glide also are excellent.  I'm not a competition pilot but just enjoy thermal flying and occasional cross country flights and the glider has no weaknesses in those areas of flight.  I could not be happier with my purchase of the Astir.  If anyone is looking for a fun to fly high performance glider, they need an Astir.

 Bo Frazier

Klaus Hoermann wrote on 17 April 2013:

Hey Harald,

I had the maiden flight with my Astir last sunday in Garmisch... The glider is easy to launch; the tendency to drop the nose is much less noticeable than with earlier bowsprit gliders of mine. The sail is a beauty in flight, and I felt comfortable immediately, despite thermals of up to 8 m/sec! Landing was simple as well, and I was happy to be able to start the new season in this way, after the long winter break.

Greetings from Oberbayern



Oliver Sven Barth wrote from Brasil on 21 July 2011:

My Astir really flies fantastic with the Minimum! That's what I call real flying, so thanks again for this beautiful bird.